the beginning

Well hi! It is a funny thing starting a blog. You have this idea that lives inside you for awhile. It gets louder sometimes, and then quieter others. There are things that will stop you. Thoughts. Doubts. What ifs? 

Today I pulled the trigger. I have no idea where I am going. I just know that I want to share it. I want to archive our lives, our diy projects, favorite foods, and our girls years growing up. 

We recently moved into our house. The one where I will grow old. Ya know, the forever one. So excited! However, it needs some work. And by work, I mean years of tears and blood. And then maybe we can get to the paint and the pretty. I live for the pretty! I cannot wait until I can add pompoms to some curtains and not more plaster to some walls. Side note: Ugh why oh why are houses in Scotland made of plaster? No no not stone like, oh I live in a jolly stone cottage lalala. I mean plaster, cement…pop a nail in to hang a picture and end up with a chunk of hello! Wall!! in your hand. Now that I got that out of my system, I can tell you how excited we are to finally have a home. I will get to our long story one day, but for now welcome. Next time lets have a cuppa tea and a chat, k? 

Oh and by the way, I am not a ‘know it all’ about anything. We will show you the things that work and the many things that may not. Also, I love to write but in no way am I a grammar queen. There will be mistakes. Mostly during writing in excitement, or brief minutes between the demands of little people. Just sayin!


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