How do you take your tea? Or are you a strict coffee drinker? I like my tea with sugar and milk. Here, have some. Yum no? 🙂 
So you want to know a bit about us? Glad I got us a cuppa first! This is the short story believe it or not. But I wanted to give you some background so you kinda know a little about us.
I met my husband online. I know. It is not so odd these days to hear people say that, but it is still weird for us. I was wanting to study abroad as the college I went to was all of, oh I don’t know, five minutes away from where I lived with my parents. Scotland always fascinated me and I have some scottish heritage. That is when I decided to go online and try to meet Scottish people. Logical conclusion. Speak to Scottish people=fit in with Scottish people. HA. 
The first person who spoke to me and didn’t make me feel like I needed a shower afterwards was Alex. We spoke for hours and hours, months and months. I finally came to Scotland to go to school and I went back to Chicago engaged. We married in Chicago and decided to make our home in Scotland with the intention of traveling Europe before settling in the states to start a family. Two weeks after moving here, I found out I was pregnant with Emma and the rest is history! 
Our dream is simple. We wanted a home. One with plenty of rooms, but not to many. We wanted a garden that our girls could play in. A nice street in a nice town with a nice school. Basically what anyone would want. We lived in a small two bedroom flat for years dreaming of our future garden. Eventually things became, I don’t know, overwhelming? Frustrating? Uncertain? And during all of this we were being told to come home. Move back to the states. Start over. So we did. We sold everything we owned and arrived with four suitcases. All of our belongings in four measly suitcases. 
It was quickly apparent that Scotland is home. Was home. We didn’t belong in the states. It was unfamiliar and awkward. It is funny that everyone expected Alex to struggle most, but I found myself crying and him being my comfort. Scotland is where our hearts were, where our children were born, and where we wanted to grow old. Once again we packed up those four suitcases and with every last penny we had, we came home. To nothing.
We were lucky that Alex went back to work quickly after our return and we lived in a house close to our old flat for a few months. And then we saw our house. I knew it was our house. It just wasn’t our house yet. It was just up the street from Alex’s dads. The town he grew up in. Right next to the school that he went to as a child. The only town I felt a sense of community in as it was where I met Alex. So we fought long and hard and we got our house. 
Awkward story: the moment we were told we got the house I immediately burst into tears and the poor guy who was in front of me delivering the news had no idea how to react. After a few tense moments for him he asked if I was happy and all I could do was nod until I started screaming and asking if I could call Alex. I felt embarrassed later, but I was to happy to care.
I am not sure why we went through such a hard year but it has made us very great full for what we have now. We had to get everything again. Things like towels, plates, silverware, sheets, beds, a sofa, appliances, kids toys, winter clothes…everything! And we still have a lot to get, but we have what we need.
We have been in our house a few months now and we are beginning projects to make it our home. And that is where you come in! I want to share it all. Ups and downs, projects, our path as we learn DIY, and how we are doing it all on the cheap. There will be food here and there as I love me some food! 
 I am so excited about what we have planned. Many ideas are being scribbled late at night (possibly while under the wine cloud) and then axed in the light of day. We are currently working on garden beds for veggies and whatnot. We are painting everything, and I mean everything. And soon we will be laying our floors. So a lot of fun things ahead for us to share.
Soon I will do a house tour to show you the glory that is our building site and share our plans for each room. But I want this blog to be much more than just our DIY journey. I want it to be a place to bare all, guts and glory. Which is why I would like to include food posts, things I like posts, and kiddie posts. Anything you would like to see? Just let me know! 🙂 
Have you met your spouse online? Moved to another country? Or just started some home projects of your own? Let me know what your story is 🙂 

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