The wheels on the bus…

Knocked me down, knocked me down, knocked me down! Oh me oh my. I did not count on getting sick the week after I started this little blog. And it hit me like a bus. Sudden. One minute I was fine, laying down our new floor in the hallway, and the next I needed to immediately go to bed. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Being thankful for living in a place where I can have a doctor come and visit me at home, I was soon on the mend and now I feel human again! Hooray!

So yeah, I mentioned that we laid our floor in the hallway. And I took one picture. One! See?


I don’t know what my deal was. We were bored. And we decided to do our floor. With no experience, not even a rough idea of what on earth we were doing. How hard could it be right? Oh hahaha those words…

I think I was so terrified by what we were actually doing that I could not even focus on documenting the event. I just kept a ‘don’t screw this up’ mantra in my head on repeat. That and ‘just keep swimming’ which lead to many a (an?) eye roll.

But! We did it! And without fighting, snappiness, or throwing anything! High fives and fist pumps all around are expected. I’ll wait…

Sorted? So how did we do it? I have no idea. I don’t like measurements. The rulers and measuring tapes of the world are my enemies. The bullies on the playground. They see my dyslexia weakness and use it to their advantage. It’s not pretty. So I used cardboard. Yup. I cut a piece roughly the size of a wide ruler and I placed it where I needed to measure and I marked a line on the ‘ruler’. I would use a level to make sure my lines were straight and hand it to Alex to cut. With this technique (if you even want to call it that) we only had one miss measurement. We just used another board and cut it right. And we loooove our new floor! The girls started running around screaming ‘yeah! No nails!’ Oh my heart.


It took us four hours just to do the hall, and we probably did it the longest and most backward way but I don’t care cause I got a floor I want to make out with. We did the same technique in the bathroom but we lifted the toilet and the sink so we didn’t have to cut circles. That would not have been a pretty sight!

We have a friend who is meant to come help us put down the same floor in our kitchen this weekend. Moving appliances, laying down floor, and watching two littles does not a fun time make! I am hoping to be able to document this floor for you so I can give you a more detailed step by step and with someone who knows what they are doing!

For now, I am going to go cuddle my floor

Update: .This is the floor that we purchased from B&Q


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