sunday afternoon

We have been busy bees! Here are some pictures of what we have been up to, and posts you can look forward to this week.

The kitchen floor is done! Hooray! Every time I walk in I pause and sigh. It is so nice. I even made french toast this morning for the girls breakfast. Anyone who knows me will know this is odd. Anything involving more than pouring milk in the morning is usually beyond my mental capacity. Actual cooked breakfast would not appear until I have been awake for at least an hour. I think I just wanted to feel the floor on my bare feet for a bit.


We made crunchy bars. I will share the recipe this week. It is super easy and the girls do half the work. Score. Don’t mind my coffee. It was 2pm and needed.


A sneak peek at what we are up to today. The mystery will be revealed. We are super excited about this one, and crossing our fingers and toes it works.


Better get back to the mystery project oooooooooo 🙂


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