just because cake

There are different kinds of being sick. The kind where the mere thought of food makes you cringe, and the kind where you would eat a pickle with peanut butter if that was all that was left in the house. Eating anything and everything is the sickness I am having right now. There is only one problem. I have golf balls in my throat which makes swallowing kind of an issue.

All of this just to tell you I started craving cake. Yesterday I convinced myself it was the only thing I could swallow. I was so hungry and then I got hooked on the cake train. Alex kindly offered to clean up the kitchen when I decided to go to bed at 7:30pm…my kids were still awake. Sad. So I asked him to make me a cake too. He started laughing, but I was serious. Now that I am not delirious with fever, I can laugh too. No way would he make a cake. Well, not an edible one anyway.

Today I dragged my sorry self out of bed and got Emma to school and then Sara to school after lunch. The cake need was now becoming a need or die situation. The moment I got in the house I flung the oven on and made cake. When you are ill, make cake. Just do it. You can swallow it (yeah!) and the sugar rush after not eating for days makes you feel like super woman. Just plan a nap for the sugar crash that may follow. Or eat more cake. Whatever.

No recipe here. I like to make a lovely cake from scratch with perfect frosting with the best of them. But this is sick cake. This is ‘I need cake in my mouth immediately’ cake. This is box cake. Nothing fancy. Slap on some icing. And ok, I did a flourish of roasted hazelnuts because I needed to remind my jaw how to chew, but no biggie. Some of the frosting started melting in the middle because (I was impatient) I wanted it still warm from the oven. Perfection. I showed the girls the cake when they got home, minus a piece, and they asked who it was for. I said ‘Nobody. Everybody. It’s a just because cake.’ It’s the little things.

Oh! And here is our house!

Photo bombed by my kids. We had just walked home from school. Anywho, the house. We have cleaned the area. Apparently the previous owners either never let their kids outside or let them play with glass. Not sure which I hope is the case. But it is clean now. We replaced that wood bit by the flower bed and I sprinkled a ton of wild flower seeds in that area until we figure out what on earth we want to do. Nothing is growing yet. I’m getting impatient. Seeing a theme of my impatience?

Still to do in the front:

  • Fix the patchy sad grass
  • Remove the giant tree stump to the left
  • Do something with the front path. Fix or dig out and do something more interesting.
  • Make some sort of enclosure for our bins. Not pretty having them there, but only other option is in the back under my kitchen window, so there they stay.
  • Paint the trim around windows and doors
  • Paint the door
  • Make flower bed pretty
I am sure I will double that list in the end. The only change I made in the above was blurring out our house number. Safety and all that. Now I must decide if I can feed my family cake for dinner or if I really need to make dinner. Decisions decisions…

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