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Not a lot has been going on in these parts. We are enjoying a nice three day weekend and we chose to spend 90% of it in pajamas and taking a break from house projects. We have bought a few things though and I wanted to share some ideas.

Our hallway is an L shape so we have a good sized space at the end where we have a dresser. We don’t have any storage in our bathroom so we use the dresser to hold our towels, extra things like body wash, and the top drawer has hats, scarves, and the girls hair equipment for last minute tidying so they don’t look like wild children.

We got this dresser from a friend before we moved. I believe it was hers as a kid so it is a great solid piece of furniture and it needs some love. We got this lamp and I loooove it. It was exactly what I wanted as I plan on getting a black shade for the hall light with some sort of drippy crystal action. And I admit I love me some bling!

I also bought this rug. We had a rug here which was a lovely shade of lime green with brown flowers on it (bleh). We got it dirt cheap and used it as some floor covering when we had just floorboards to call floors. Even though the rug was not my cup of tea, I loved having a rug here so I know I wanted to update to one that fit in. For only £30 this was perfect. It’s so fluffy and the perfect shade of charcoal grey.

I have big plans for this space. I need to paint that door and I would like to paint the dresser. Probably white and then I will distress the edges and replace the hardware. I also want to paint the funky gold mirror (which we got for free from free cycle) although I have not decided on a colour because I also want to make a statement wall here as well. I am thinking of doing a hand painted wallpaper effect, so the mirror could be a dark purple or turquoise maybe for a nice pop of colour.

I did a hand painted wall in our old flat. The wall was magnolia and I used white to paint a pattern. The wall then looked yellow and I did not like it at all. Was not worth the 16 hours it took! I am not a big pattern person and this felt to busy for me. And to yellow. I think I would have liked this on a larger scale though and in different colours.

Sorry for the old mobile pictures! We lived with this yellow nastiness for a few weeks until I couldn’t take it anymore so I covered it with a dark grey in matt. Then I used the same dark grey in satin.

Ahhhhhh much better. I loved this wall. It was so pretty and it only took me a few hours this time as it was a simpler design and I used one of my girls paint brushes which was better than the one I had used before. All I did for both walls was trace a pattern I liked on a cereal box, cut it out, traced the pattern on the wall with a white coloured pencil, and then painted! I really want to do the exact same wall in my living room again (so there will be a full tutorial)  which is why I am debating on what to do in the hall as I don’t want the same colours and technique repeated. I wonder if I did a different pattern if it would be different enough? Hmm.

I will leave you with a picture of my monkeys. Funny faces and all. Enjoy your long weekend!



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