crazy kitchen backsplash

Happy Tuesday that feels like Monday! I love having a long weekend followed by a shorter week. But I do get lost with my days and all muddled. Small price to pay for Friday to feel so close.

So. Our kitchen. I need to show you something scary. I have no idea what is going on here. We scraped, we painted, and it was like a magic wall. The ugly would reappear before our eyes. I am sure it is a combination of grease from the previous people and I don’t even know what else. You ready?

It was all cracky and weird and I just could not take it another minute. Once we got the floor down, the hideousness of the walls was taking away from the beauty beneath our feet. We returned our unopened packs of flooring so we had a store credit to use up. We wandered around thinking of what we could do with what materials and as we were standing in the flooring section I saw these vinyl self adhesive tiles. At first I picked up a pack of black ones and asked Alex if he thinks it would work. We thought it would but then we remembered something we had seen years ago. I saw an article online that listed different ideas for kitchen back splashes. The usuals were there like tile, colour backed glass and whatnot but the two that stuck in my mind was one made of river rock stacked up and one made from old pallets.

The river rock one was nice, but without being able to grout, and with possible food splatters I didn’t think it would be nice to clean. Same thing with the wood. I loved the look of it, but again with the cleaning. And then Alex saw this flooring. It was a lovely grey colour which we loved as it would go with the colours we are planning for the downstairs making the whole house flow. It also had a nice texture. But it was flooring. We stood and debated, wondered if we were crazy, and then wondered if it would really work. We are fairly certain we would like to tile someday, but we really wanted something for now to cover the ugly. So we bought three packs and some spray adhesive. We figured at £9.96 a pack it was not such a huge investment if it didn’t work. These planks already had adhesive on them but we got the spray too as we were concerned that they would not stick on a vertical surface for a long period and also with the steam from pots we wanted to be sure they were stuck on. And we were not concerned about messing up the wall because if and when we take these off, it will be replaced with tile.

We got home and immediately started sticking. It was awesome and quick. We could use scissors to cut around outlets and I used the same cardboard measuring technique that I used for the wood flooring because rulers hate me.

Soon we had turned the wall above into this beauty.

Here is a close up.

Not to shabby eh? We only used two packs to do this space so total cost was just over £20 with the adhesive. We love the colour and the texture it brings into the kitchen. We were worried it would be to much wood with the floor, but the difference in colour and texture makes it go somehow.

The next day we did the spaghetti test. Meaning I made a huge pot of spaghetti, on the back burner as usual, and watched the steam doing it’s thing. Sadly, some planks began to come loose. We used a cloth to rub them back down. Then the next morning we woke up to two planks lying in the cooker, stuck together. I managed to pull them apart, half awake, and stuck them back up. The adhesive got all rough from pulling them apart and now those two pieces have not budged at all in the last week. We were still having issues with other planks, so No Nails to the rescue. We carefully pulled the planks back and squirted in some No Nails, then stuck them back using a cloth to rub them down. Over a week later, and many pots creating steam later, they are still going strong. Like I said above we are not concerned about messing up the wall behind if we ever want to remove the planks as we will be replacing with tile. Also our walls are solid cement walls so we could always plaster over the area to create a smooth surface if we wanted.

Lets look at her again shall we?

So so much nicer. The whole kitchen feels warmer and cozy. You can see the wall on the end there is in need of some work. It is all rough and weird too so we are going to skim the walls with plaster for a new smooth surface.

Still to do in the kitchen:

  • Paint the cupboards white
  • Replace hardware
  • Fit a new light fixture
  • Plaster walls
  • Install floating shelves on the end wall
  • Paint walls once plastered
  • Turn one of the large cupboards on the other end of the kitchen into a built in pantry
  • Make a window treatment
  • Build in the doorway from kitchen to living room
  • Replace cooker and fridge

We still have a lot to do but it is coming along nicely. Floor tiles on the wall may be weird, but we are so happy that we are crazy enough to try it 🙂


2 thoughts on “crazy kitchen backsplash

  1. Looks awesome, and I love that you guys just went for it!! Sometimes the best projects come from just going for it!! The unusual just works sometimes!!

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