I am dying to start stripping our living room. It is a bright teal colour with a flower wallpaper that is tatty and gross. But it is liveable, so we left it until we were ready to get it done. I guess we picked the lesser of the two evils living with this rather than stripped and patchy walls. 



Oh lord. We will talk about everything that is wrong with this room another day along with my mile long to do list. It is just not our thing at all. I love turquoise but this is overboard. Now that we are making progress on the downstairs area I really want to start on the living room next, so I hit up my Pinterest board. Y’all know about Pinterest right? For those who don’t, it is an awesome site where you can ‘pin’ images from all over the web onto boards. It is like a nice big inspiration board wrapped in a shiny red bow. All images you pin will link back to the website as well for reference so it is awesome for recipes. My name is Eileen, and I am a Pinterest addict.

I only pin things I love, so when I go to decorate a room I can look at that board and get a real sense of what I am drawn to. Then I just have to figure out how to get all my loves to get married and make a room baby that makes sense. Let’s have a look at ideas for the living room. One can dream right? 

Just click on images to link to source.


I love the texture on the sofa from all the different pillows. The colours are also soothing and the table is huggable. Rustic wood, furry pillows, and a clean lined sofa makes my heart go ahhhhh. Oh, and throw in a lantern? I’m yours.

This one is totally different, but I still love it. I love white furniture and I have noticed in the last few years I am loving pinks and glittery things a lot more than I used to. The cleanness of this is what draws me in. And yes, I have two little people but white furniture doesn’t show dust or water/juice/food marks like dark wood does. And anything white can be attacked with bleach. I scrub my carpet with bleach once a month to keep it pristine. I really need a mirrored piece of furniture in my life and a ruffled pillow or two as well. 


I was attracted to the jewel tones in this one. I have quite a few favourite colours and two of them are turquoise and a rich  aubergine purple. As much as I love these colours I do prefer them in pops of colour rather than whole walls so that is why I liked the pillows in this one. They add an unexpected bit of fun to Mr. Sophisticated sofa. The dark grey wall colour is what I would like as our statement wall in the living room as well. I saw a chandelier just like this one and thought it would be fun in our kitchen. This makes me want to curl up with a cup of chia tea and I good book. After I light those candles of course.

Now I need to figure out how to get mirrored furniture, blush pink, jewel tones, grey walls, white furniture, rustic furniture, and lots of yummy texture all into one space without looking like a circus tent. To the shops we go!   



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