turf it up

I received a text from Alex on Tuesday saying he got me something that I would be thrilled with. Now I am relativity easy to please so this surprise could have been anything from some outdoor seating to a Snickers. I would have been thrilled with either. Have you ever put a Snickers in the freezer? Best thing ever. Seriously, try it. Just don’t blame me if you break you teeth. 

Anyway, fast forward a few hours and I was out in the back garden checking on my seeds (not much to report) when Alex comes around the house shouting for me to open the gate. And he was carrying turf. Nice green fluffy new turf. Be still my heart. 

See, we have a muddy cesspit right at the start of our grass. It puddles, it’s muddy, and it is not only messy for little feet coming in and out of the house, but it is also an eye sore. I had mentioned to Alex that it would be nice to turf one day since the grass seed I flung around obviously got up and walked away saying ‘ain’t gonna work lady!’. Apparently he was listening and brought me 12 glorious rolls of turf. Here is what we started with. 


Lovely no? We started by digging up about a centimetre of ground and roughing it up so the turf had something to grip and hopefully decide to stay with us awhile. Then we just rolled those bad boys out.

Alex used one of my kitchen pairing knives to cut the turf to fit around fence posts and to cut off extras because someone was to excited to look for the Stanley knife. There were a few spots on the ends that we had to fill in with triangles of turf because our garden is all slanted here, but he did a great job with the turf puzzle. And it only took about an hour start to finish.

Well hello beautiful. So. Much. Better. It is green! And not muddy! Once it grows in all lush those lines will disappear. We watered it, like to the point where it puddled around our feet when we walked on it. We were told to not be shy with the water as it will drink it up and to water it extensively over the next few days. Here is another view.

Now, I love that we fixed this little issue but there is a problem with fixing an eye sore. It makes everything else look horrible. The rest of our garden now looks like a half dead sad excuse for grass. Not that it looked like a prize winning piece of land to start with, but still. It makes us want to turf the rest and to fix the patio area. Immediately. One amazing thing makes everything else took less than perfect. Its like putting shiny new tires on a dirty car, or trying on a ball gown when you haven’t showered yet that day. Your going about your business thinking you don’t look half bad then BAM omg is that a grey hair? Why are my eyes red? And my eye bags purple? Has my skin always been a pasty mess? Yeah, not a good. So what I am saying is at least shower before trying on a ball gown, and don’t just turf half your garden. It took us about 2.6 seconds to decide that more turf is in our near future πŸ™‚ 


7 thoughts on “turf it up

  1. Love it!! Your yard will be beautiful!! All your guys hard work!! Yep more turf is a def!! I really really enjoy your writings and your posts!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  2. Lovely! Sprinkle some grass greener on the dry stuff, with all the sun and showers we’ve had it will be better in weeks. X

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