what’s for dinner?

I think I hear this question 8.6 million times a day. And no, I am not exaggerating at all. I do my shopping online. I have a system. I order what we need to make meals out of what we have left. If there are things on sale, I stock up and will use those things in future meals. Once my order arrives I write down expiration dates and base my weekly menu on what needs to be used when. So if the chicken needs to be eaten by Tuesday, then I fit that meal in sometime before Tuesday and so on. I pair it with veggie dates as well to minimize waste as I can always freeze meat if we don’t use it. It sounds like a lot of work but really it isn’t. Sara always ‘helps’ me unpack the bags so that gives me plenty of time to write down the dates I need. I usually have a menu written out a few weeks in advance using this method which is awesome because then I am free. Free of the 5:00 ‘oh no, I need to feed these people!!’ panic moments.

The only fault with my little system is that I shove my menu in a drawer usually (as I hate things just lying around willy nilly) so when I get asked ‘what’s for dinner’ my answer is usually ‘I have no idea’. And not because I have not figured it out, but because I don’t remember what I wrote 2 weeks ago. I usually forget to look until the late afternoon and then realize I needed to take the roast out of the freezer like, yesterday. Or, I should have put that in the slow cooker this morning. So I needed to come up with a way to display a few days of our menu in a cute way while also slapping me in the face so I have no reason to forget any prep I need to do. Also, now that Emma is starting to read this will help her answer the question for herself. One down, one to go. Enter the chalkboard menu.

I ordered this adhesive chalkboard wall decal from Spicy Decor a few weeks ago. I had been sent a Groupon email so I got it for only £10. I purchased it with another project in mind, but I know there will be loads left over so I used some for my menu!

I started by cutting off what I needed, and the graph paper pattern on the back made it easy for me to cut nice and straight. Then I practiced writing on a piece of paper a few times before I wrote on the decal.

Hello sausage fingers and alien foot. The thing I loved about the decal is that if you use a damp cloth, damp paper towel, or baby wipe, it goes back to being perfectly clean with no chalk residue like an actual chalkboard would. Just sayin, cause I had to do my N twice. And when I change the menu below, it will not disturb my OCD tendencies by being all messy. Bleh.

Then I stuck her up right on the side of my cupboard in the kitchen. The one I see the minute I walk in. No excuses now! And yes, it’s a she. One girl helping another girl out by being all ‘Hey! Over here! And you’re welcome!’.

I know those walls back there are super sexy but please, focus on the menu. The other awesome thing about the decal is that you can unstick, and restick if you want to move it. So when we finally paint our cupboards white I can just take her down and pop her back on. Whoop!

Now if you excuse me, I believe I need to go make ravioli now.

Disclaimer: Spicy Decor have no idea who I am and I was not compensated for this post. I just really enjoyed this product and wanted to share 🙂 


4 thoughts on “what’s for dinner?

  1. Super cool menu idea and planning!! I hate dinner time!! I dont think i can do thd expiration date thing! But i would like to. I like being organzied but i dont know. I csnt seem to master everyone just putting/picking up their own crap. Lol!! Mother/wife hood!! Great ideas that i am going to try and use!! 🙂

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