Today I turn 29. The last year of my 20 somethings. As I get older (i know i know i am not that old) but still, as I get older I am finding myself not caring about the opinions of others. I admit I used to hold others thoughts and views above my own. But now, I value myself and my thoughts above anyone else. It is kind of a big deal to realise this. I guess I am growing up! Gasp!

This morning I dressed myself in the things I love. Normally I would second guess if it goes, if I look ok, if someone will think I dressed myself blind this morning. But today, today I don’t care. I am going to embrace 29 and be who I am. This time next year I may be a blubbering mess, but I am grabbing 29 by the horns and making it mine.

Summer barfed on me this morning. I love it and it is me.


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