Oh me oh my we have had a crazy week! Sara was off school one day last week which completely threw me off, then she had her birthday, then she went on her first all day field trip so I was thrown into a blubbering heap not having my baby all day for the first time. Which again, threw me off and messed with my days. Then it was my birthday (yeah!). And to cap it all off we were all hit with a tummy bug. Apparently someone is telling us we are not allowed to have this much fun and we need to stop and pay some dues. Thanks. 

As a result I have done absolutely nothing around here in like a week. There is a pile of laundry that is developing its own personality and will need to start paying rent soon if I don’t deal with it. The bathroom is so dirty I swear it made a pass at me this morning. Cheeky. And how do my floors get so filthy? I hoovered like, Wednesday…or Friday? I think? And don’t even get me started on the dishes. I still have not figured out how two little girls can create enough dirty dishes that would have served a small army. Do we really need to use 20 cups in one day? 

In other news Lily gets her stitches out on Friday! Hooray! Did I tell you we had her spayed? Poor thing has been walking around with a cone on for 10 days now. Not fun! But after a few vet visits, antibiotics, shots, and what have you she should be all ready to get her stitches and cone off on Friday. Maybe I should make her a turkey cake or something to celebrate. And to win her over again. Before she begins plotting our deaths. 

I have a few things lined up that I would like to do this week. A recipe should be coming tomorrow for something mexican. Food that is. That would be weird. I am not bringing you a mexican. Glad we cleared that up. Apparently Scotland (or at least where I live as I have found awesome obscure stores in the cities) has an issue with Mexican food. It is usually impossible to find, and when you do it is nasty. Your out of the box, guacamole from a tube, nastiness. Bleh. 

I am also planning an awesome art wall for the girls which I hope to complete this week. Finally a place to display all of the amazing stuff crap they bring home Every. Day. that doesn’t involve my fridge or counters or floors. Or bin. Cough cough.

Ha. I just told Sara I would giver her pennies to brush my hair. Parent of the year right here. 


2 thoughts on “monday

  1. This cracked me up!! I love it, kind of felt like my house was doing that last week!! And the amount of stuff (papers) that come home from school. Just had a talk with Kendahl about how we CAN’T keep every page she ever colors. (pay back from when I was a child and wanted to KEEP EVERYTHING I’m sure) šŸ˜‰ Very entertaining entry. šŸ™‚

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