chilled sweet green tea with lemon

I love water. I always have a glass somewhere, usually by the sink. Why by the sink? Because if I leave it anywhere else it disappears  Little people drink it, Alex steals it, and now Lily even drinks it. Thanks. So, I keep it by the sink cause lets be honest, I am always in the kitchen doing laundry, dishes, or feeding someone. Even though I love water sometimes I need something else. I don’t drink any sodas or colas or whatever. I like tea and coffee here and there, but not when it is warm outside.

I also grew up in the south. I say I am from Chicago, and I am. Most of my family lives there, and I spent my formative years there. And by that I mean my brutal hellish teenage ones. Sorry mom! But, I spent a few of my younger years in Tennessee. And anyone who knows the South knows how they like their sweet tea! I make sweet tea from time to time but it is laden with sugar and it makes me jittery because I would drink the entire pitcher in one day.

Enter sweet green tea. It is so good and refreshing. It is good for you too what with all the antioxidants in green tea and no sugar! I always tell Alex it is my detox drink. He laughs at me. With good reason.

Gather up a pitcher, a few green tea bags, a lemon, and some sort of sweetener  I use Truvia. It is so sweet I do not like to use it in coffees or teas. But in this it is perfect as we only use a small amount.

green tea

I start by boiling my kettle. I add about a cup or two of boiling water to my pitcher and 4-5 green tea bags. They then steep and make extra strong green tea within a few minutes. Usually I do the dishes while and wait and by the time I am done so is my tea.


Sprinkle in 2 teaspoons of sweetener and give it a swirl around. Then drop in some sliced lemons. I like to do it at this stage when it is just hot water as I feel it extracts the most lemon flavor.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally top it up with cold water and chill. It really reminds me of sweet tea. It is not strong in flavor and the lemon is refreshing. I will totally drink all of this in one day. And wake up 50 million times in the night to go potty.

I would end this post with a lovely picture of it in a glass with a lemon wedge and some cute napkin and a book near by but lets be honest, I am lucky if I get to even pour it in a glass.

Hope you enjoy this switch up to water 🙂


2 thoughts on “chilled sweet green tea with lemon

  1. Looks delicious! May try it. You inspired me with your turf, I returfed the dry muddy area under the swings on Sunday and put a protection mat on top. Hoping it works. X

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