art display wall

My kids bring home a lot of crap stuff from school. Most of it ends up either on my refridgerator, which drives me insane, or pilled on the kicthen counter until I can be bothered to bring it upstairs and put it in the giant bag of keepsakes. Some of the things they create find themselves in the bin when they are not looking. I don’t think they will care to see a whole blank page with one pink line on it when they are 18. I plan on getting a box for each school year to organize the things we do want to keep, but that is for another day. In the mean time, I wanted a place to display their art, have it be interchangable, and also possibly be a place for them to be creative as well. So the art wall was born!

Here is the scene of the crime. Our hallway, just as you enter our house. Sorry it is a little wonky. I don’t know what I was doing.

I thought this would be a good area to put their stuff so they can proudly show it to others who come to our home, and also to add some colour into this space. It is nice to see that kids live here too.

I started by adding some of the awesome chalkboard adhesive vinyl that I bought online using a Groupon for £10. I also used the same stuff to make my menu and still have loads left over! I just rolled it out on the floor to get an idea of the size I needed, cut it, then stuck it!

To get the display bit of the project I had bought some twine, cute little clothes pegs, and some picture pins that had a more decorative head rather than just a plain nail. The twine was £1.50, pegs £2.00, and the picture pins £1.79 all from Wilkinsons. Not to shabby!

I still have loads of everything left over too so even with the total cost of this project only being £15.29 (including the £10 for the chalkboard) I have hardly made a dent in any materials. It is nice to have leftovers for future projects!

Next, I hammered in two pins a few inches above my chalkboard, made a loop in the end of my pink twine then hooked it on, cutting off the extra ends. Make sure you tie it quite taught. I wanted it to hang down nicely, but I am glad I made it taught because once I added weight, even just the pegs, it hung perfectly and didn’t cover up to much of the chalkboard.

Time to pop on the oh so cute little pegs! I think I wanted to do this entire project just for an excuse to use these. In. Love.

Hehehe. They make me smile. Anywho, now I needed a way to hold some chalk. I wanted a cute little metal pail but could not find one anywhere that was not ginormous. So I remembered a stack of little boxes in various sizes that I had got off eBay for like £1. They are from Ikea and I am sure they still sell them. Currently they are stacked up on the girls shelves for a bit of fun, but I hope to use them to hold little crafty bits once our craft/office/spare room is done. So I grabbed a box that wasn’t to big, popped a hole in each side, and threaded some twine threw, tying a nice knot.

I then hammered in another pin, this time into the side of the door frame cause my girls are anything but gentle and when little fingers want some chalk, they can be violent. If I had hung this on the plasterboard wall it would have fallen off in 2.8 seconds. Add some chalk and you got yourself a cute little chalk holder!

25 minutes later, operation art wall was complete! I grabbed a few things that were pilled on my kitchen counter and hung them up.

How cute! I love that they have this space to draw (and psssst: it can be wiped off and not taped to my fridge! Hooray!). It also makes me smile every single time I walk in the door. And they are loving it! I can see into the hall from my kitchen, so as I made dinner they coloured. Awesome. The first thing they did when they came home yesterday was ask who did it (uh hello!) and then dropped everything to create.

I am so thrilled with how this turned out and I am loving the fun bit of colour that smacks me in the face when I come home. The only thing so far that I noticed was the chalk dust on the floor. It is not that big of a deal, and I just grabbed a baby wipe when they went to bed and wiped it up. Sorted. Also using a baby wipe or damp kitchen roll (paper towel) will make the chalkboard look like new, with no chalk residue, which is awesome for me as I hate boards that don’t wipe clean.

Lets look at the gorgeousness one more time.

Have a good weekend! 🙂


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