right now

I have seen a lot of people doing ‘right now’ posts. Basically talking about things they are doing right now. Maybe not all at once. That would be an extreme example of multitasking. So I thought I would share my right nows!

  • Reading: I LOVE to read. Although since we have moved I think I have read one book. All of my books are still in boxes awaiting the built in bookcase to be created for them. However, I am going to be rereading Accidental Hitman that I read last year. I found this book so hilarious and it was such a fun and different read for me. I have not started to read it again though so I guess if I am honest about what I am reading right now it would be Kipper and Roly. Sara’s library book from school. Awesome.
  • Listening: I have a large range in my music tastes. It all depends on my mood really so I can enjoy country music, heavy metal, and dancey pop all in one day. However, one thing I love love love and am always in the mood for is the Joy The Baker Podcast. Joy the Baker runs a blog about, you got it! Food! And her pal Tracy from Shutterbean also has a blog about food. Their podcast is so so funny and it truly is like sitting with your best friends talking about random nothings. I download them and listen while I clean the kitchen or my favourite is to put in my headphones and listen while I do a project. Our hand painted wall in our old flat had quite a few wonkey lines because I was laughing so hard. Seriously, listen. So good.
  • Making: Dinner! On days that Emma has after school activities I like to get the dinner prepped during the day, if I can. We don’t get in until after 4 and then there is homework and blah blah, but we still want to eat around 5. So I just don’t have a lot of time to be cranking out a meal. Tonight we are having a cheesy potato and sausage bake. So I am cutting up potatoes and sausage and making my cheese sauce. Later I can just dump it all in the pan and bake. No effort required.
  • Feeling: Tired. My usual state. No matter how much sleep I get, it doesn’t matter. Sleep is my drug. I can never fall asleep during the day though. I am not a napper at all. Unless I am very ill, like verge of death ill, then I can conk out for a few Z’s.
  • Planning: My next project. No idea what that is yet! I am dying to get started on the living room, but also I am wanting to finish the hall so one area is finished before we start on another, and then I want to do our bedroom so we can have a space to relax and not have a million to do’s slapping us in the face. I am just waiting to wake up one day with an urge to take on one of the above. That’s how I roll.
  • Loving: I am loving quite a few things at the moment, but one thing I am in love with, cannot get enough of, are these dresses from H&M. OMG. They are sooooo comphy. I am wearing mine with leggings at the moment because there is still a chill in the air, but I love that I can dress it up with a nicer blazer and heels, or dress down with one of my denim jackets and flats. I can’t wait until a denim jacket and flip flops are all I need to pair them with. They don’t seem to have the colours I own online but I have one in a black and white stripe (which I am wearing as we speak/type/read) a teal one, and a reddy orange colour. And the price! I know I have already gotten my moneys worth anyway, and I am all for clothes that feel like pyjamas but still look cute. Maybe that is why I am always tired?
  • Eating: Well, as you know we are having the sausage potato bake for dinner.  Me and Sara split some left over spaghetti for our lunch today followed by a dark chocolate digestive biscuit. Yes, just one. As it was the last one. Boo. But I have had nothing since. Think I may have a cup of tea before I go pick up Sara though!
  • Drinking: Mmmmmm a nice cup of tea. Plenty of milk and sugar. Like a mug full of love.

2 thoughts on “right now

  1. Thanks, Eileen, I was just trying to figure out a fun book that I could buy to read on my iPad. Accidental Hitman it is!

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