Sometimes life just gets away from me. Nothing really needs to be happening but the days just blur into one. I hate the go go go days where you don’t even sit down for a minute and yet you feel as though you have accomplished nothing. Yeah. I have had a few of those days. We have been having amazing weather here in these parts. I am talking 60’s and sunny, which is unheard of really! So everyone I know has dropped everything to be outside. We have all morphed into vegetables and I have loved it. I even retreated to my garden one afternoon with an iced coffee and a blanket. For that precious hour I pretended I was on a beach with a cocktail. Then my burning shoulders brought me back to reality. But oh that hour was bliss. It was the first time I have laid out in my very own yard. Kinda huge!

We spent all weekend outside too. Sunday we tackled the jaggy nettle jungle at the end of our garden. Fun times. I stayed clear of the whole situation because my skin is so sensitive you could look at me and I would break out in hives. I would probably self destruct if I touched a nettle. So Alex saved the day, and his wife, and he got it all dug up. Then I sprinkled baking soda over the entire area. I had read somewhere that baking soda is a good weed killer if you don’t want to use chemicals. The only issue is it kills everything, supposedly.  However, we are planning on putting our shed where the nettles were so I am not to concerned about being a grass killer, over there anyway. I will let you know if it works! I wish everything grew as fast as nettles do. It was crazy!

*side note about the nettles. A lot of people told me to eat them. Even Alex suggested nettle soup. Apparently it tastes like spinach and boiling it takes the sting away. Call me crazy, but anything that makes people bust out a rash and hives does not exactly make me want to consume it. No. I am all for eating what you grow, but no. If they grow back, and anyone is an avid nettle consumer, then you are welcome to come take them away!

Then we finally dug up the rest of our garden bed and planted all of our seeds. I am anxious and impatient to see if anything grows. We do have spinach, peppers, tomatoes, and broccoli sprouting. We also have a few strawberries starting! I am squinting at my garden everyday in hopes that something grew overnight. I don’t think I bought magic beans. So slow! Grow already!

Oh, I am going to start Zumba tonight. Even typing that I chuckled. I tried it once and my abs hurt so bad, but not from working out. It was from laughing my booty off! I was not blessed with coordination, or much grace. So Zumba and me are interesting together to say the least. I know it will be a good laugh though, and that is the only workout that I am always game for. The amusing kind.

House projects have come to a stop. We have been doing a bit of painting here and there, but I am sure we all know how horrible painting ceilings are so no need to share the misery. We are getting the kitchen and bathroom plastered in a few days (so excited!) so I cannot wait to bust out some paint on the new walls!

I have a few recipe posts coming up for you guys too. A few of you had asked questions about my whole menu planning process. So, I thought I will do a post once a week with our menu plan and link up to any recipes that we use and love. And if it is my recipe then I will do my best to document the process and post the recipe. Shaking hungry hands does not a good picture make. Be warned!

What have you guys been up to? Enjoying time outside? Or trying a new recipe? Or a new hilarious ‘workout’? I would love to hear what you have been up to!


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