I was once told by my father that the first word I learned how to spell was pizza. This is not surprising considering it is one of my favourite foods. Apparantly I have always had a soft spot for a good pizza! It is hard to find a good pizza here (I am from Chicago after all) so I have always wanted to try making our own dough, but I have never gotten around to it. My mom says she has a great recipe so I should  get that off of her and try my first pizza dough!

In the mean time, we make pizzadillas. It is one of our favorite meals and to be honest I prefer it to actual pizza! It is much better for you than full on pizza from a take away. Well, as much as something laden with cheese can be. I saw this idea on Pinterest from Budget Bytes blog and immediatly pencilled it in for a dinner the following week. What a long week that was.


 The thing I love most is that the girls can help. They love to help me in the kitchen but I find it hard to let them. Not that I don’t want to. Usually I am just in a hurry and don’t have the time to take 30 minutes to peel potatoes, or it is all kinda dangerous for them to help. Emma is learning how to do more, but of course Sara wants to follow and I feel she is still to young. With this though, they can help me cut up all the toppings, or I will prep them early So they can still build their own pizza. They always make their own pizzadilla though and as a result they eat every last bite of their creation.

First I dice up all of my toppings. We use fresh mushrooms, peppers (we used a lone red one this time), onions, pepperoni, and cheeeeeeeese! I like to buy a ball of mozzarella, drain it, and pat it dry with kitchen roll, then dice up. It is much cheaper than buying shredded mozzarella and it tastes so much better too without all the added extras shredded cheese has like cornflour so it doesn’t stick together. I also shred some cheddar to use as we like to mix it up. Oh and I dice up my pepperoni because there is nothing worse than a lava hot pepperoni sliding out and slapping you in the face. No sir.


Then start topping! The girls come through and put theirs together. They always choose everything which is ok by me! You could cook the peppers, onions, and mushrooms a bit first if you want but we love the crunch of the veggies. They do cook a little anyway as I cook our pizzadillas on a low/medium heat to allow for sufficient cheese melting to happen.


Little cheese (both kinds), sprinkle of every topping, and then finish with a sprinkle of cheese. Top with a tortilla and wait. Tell your belly to calm down, it is coming…


Serve with some heated up tomato sauce to dip! We usually use any jar sauce we have but we do prefer Ragu smooth original. We are not normally jar sauce people but these were on sale for dirt cheap recently so I bought a few and man there is something about this sauce. Alex says it every time we have it. Can’t put our finger on it but it is just as good as homemade which is rare to find.


This is one of those meals where you take your first bite and immediately start making noises, looking at the person across from you and nod, a lot. I think I even said some bad words after I had my first one. It was that good! Super easy, kid friendly, and amazing? Sign me up!


Well now I want one…


Think I need to go buy some pepperoni. Now.


2 thoughts on “pizzadilla

  1. Great idea, fun for the childminding kids. We make pizza muffins for snack but this will be different. X

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