for the love of jars

I have a love for all receptacles. Jars, boxes, and containers of any kind really. I am fairly positive I get this from my mom. I save jars and it is a small problem really. Recently, I was at a cupcake bar with a friend, where I preceded to limit my cupcake order from 4 to only 2. Surprising. I then read the menu wrong and thought they had flavored green tea water, so I ordered that thinking awesome! She then asked what flavor I wanted and I looked at her like she was speaking Latin  What flavor? Uh, green tea? I ended up going with pomegranate and elder flower and as it was presented to me, my eyes got all big and bright because there were in these awesome bottles! Immediately I said to my friend to make sure she doesn’t finish it all so we can take the bottles with us. How gracious of her to know how I am and just nod along with my scheme. Now they have been soaked and scrubbed and I have two cute little bottles I can use as bud vases. Although, I would love to find two spouts and use them for oil and vinegar. I have issues.

Fortunately, I am married to a man who knows my issues and keeps his eyes peeled for any containers that I would appreciate. So when we found ourselves in TK Maxx the other day he presented me with a gorgeous teal jar and my heart skipped a beat. Then I found an awesome square one! It was like a jar fest just for Eileen. When I decided that was enough, I turned the corner and there sat another tall glorious jar and I knew she was coming home with me too. Want to know what was even better? They were all marked down to £3 each. Holla!

The moment we got home we scraped the stickers off and gave them a good scrub. As they were drying I told Alex I wanted to take the doors off of the cupboard above the cooker one day and fill my jars with flour and whatnots. Next thing I know Alex was taking the doors off the cupboard. And the fun began!




Hello messy. I find that I use more spices when they are not hidden away and I really miss the spice rack I had in our old flat. Eventually I would like to get new containers for my spices too but we are doing baby steps here. Buying 30 teeny tiny jars would probably make rainbows shoot out of my ears. So I emptied the mess, cleaned the cupboard, cut 3 pieces of wood to fit the right side, attempted to sand them and got a few splinters, figured I would paint them anyway when I did the cabinets so gave up, made little steps inside for my spices to be layered, filled my jars, and enjoyed this space of beauty. Ahhhhh.





I think I  may deal with the holes from the hinges but I am not sure what would bother me more. White filled holes, or just holes? I am nowhere near painting the cabinets so I will see what bugs me more until then. Oh and look what else I got!!





Oh my goodness does that just make you giddy? I have been wanting a nicer jar for my utensils and really wanted a le creuset one but uh hello, expensive! I saw one a few weeks ago marked down to £20 but it was pale pink. I did stand and think about it but decided no. It wasn’t what I wanted so I let it go. Then Alex found this one! It had a lid which I will keep safe in case I ever want to use it for something else but guess what? It was marked down to £10! No hesitation here. This was the moment I told Alex to go get a trolley while I stood by my jars like a protective momma.




It is the little things peeps. My walls may still look like Freddy Kruger used to live here, but here in this little area, I smile. Every time I have walked in the kitchen I have paused. We have spent so much time doing repair work it is so nice to finally be putting in little touches that make it our home.  And that little jar holding my baking powder? An old coffee jar I couldn’t part with. See? Issues.

Anyone else love jars like I do? Or has any other odd loves? Have you added anything small to your house that made it feel more like home? I would love to hear what you guys love! Happy weekend! 🙂


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