As most people are aware, Google Reader is saying ta ta to us all on July 1st. I have always used Google Reader and love it’s simplicity. I also do not like change. Not with this kinda stuff anyway! So I have been playing around with a few different ways to keep up with the blogs I love and so far nothing has grabbed me. 

Today on A Pretty Penny, Keira posted about Bloglovin. I figured it was worth a shot as I still had not found my fit. 5 minutes in and I am loving it. I love love love the sidebar that shows how many unread posts I have for each blog. I don’t know about you, but I like to read one blog at a time, and save my favourites for last. All the other places I have tried made it a jumbled mess. Ugh.



See? Nice and simple. If you are still looking for a place to import your Google Reader blogs to, try Bloglovin! It may be the perfect fit for you too. And if you would like to follow my blog through Bloglovin, just follow the link below!


Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Now I doubt I will even notice Google Reader is gone. 


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