hey, we can put things on the walls!

So we have been living in this house for ummm, a bit now, and I did a little something recently to only realize later that it was the first thing to actually be hung up in our entire house. Like period. I guess when every square inch of your house needs work, putting up something pretty takes a back seat, but really? Months without a single nail being hammered into a wall? Not any more!

When the girls come in from school, things go flying. The place we keep our coats and bags is pretty high up, so I am always stuck picking it all up and hanging it just so while they start shouting demands at me. When I was at B&M a few weeks ago they had a little shelf with hooks on it marked down to £3. I bought it with the intention of hanging it by the door for keys and…well I don’t know. Honestly, I saw £3 and figured I would find a use for it if it killed me. Turned out it was a smidge to big for being by the door, so I thought I could maybe hang it lower somewhere else so the girls could hang up their own stuff. And then it sat in its sad little box for weeks.

I finally decided on a place to put it so Alex drilled all the holes and we used wall plugs too because my girls are part Hulk and seem to enjoy ripping things off the walls. I remember when I made these cute little book shelves for their old room, painted just so, and hung low for them to access. Yeah, that lasted all of 2 hours before they were pulled off the wall. Ah memories.


Boom! We have a cute place to hang their coats! And momma got a cute shelf to style up. Win win if you ask me! Oh but then I remembered this bit of art I had bought from Dunelm a few months before. It is actually metal and was only £2.99! (it is on sale now for only £1.49 too!) It was just leaning against a wall on top of our console table in the living room until I decided where I wanted it. I decided to hang it above our little shelf, and I love it. Cheap, cheerful, and it makes me smile when I walk in the house. Whoop! Congrats Mr. Shelf for being the first ever thing to grace our walls!


No more coats on the floor and a flat surface to pretty up is the way to my heart it seems. What was the first thing you hung up in your house? Something functional or meaningful? Or do you just remember flinging things up randomly until you were done with it already?


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