monday things



1. Our windows are all done! Hooray! Having workers in your house for a week straight is tough. Especially ones that create mess and chaos. I did not want to hang up our new curtain rod in the living room until the new frame was painted, so Friday night we took the classy route and nailed up a black sheet. Oh yes. We did. 

2. Someone in the States told me they were running a marathon (like everyone else around me it seems). But then they went on to explain that it is a zombie marathon. Say what now? Umm yeah. Apparently it is the thing. That is one sure fire way to make me run anyway. And have a full blown panic attack, followed by a life threatening heart attack. See I have a huge fear of being chased…or hunted. I cannot play hide and seek with my own children. Alex teases me sometimes by running up to me from behind and gets his giggles from seeing me jump around screaming like I have fire ants in my pants. After a little research into this zombie thing I discovered that they have similar things here in the UK. The most popular is the 2.8 Hours Later event where you get chased by zombies, at NIGHT, while trying to find the asylum: aka safe zone. This takes place in a city such as London or Edinburgh. I can’t think of a single thing more terrifying than this. The awesome thing is you can volunteer to be a zombie and go to their zombie school. Now that I could do! 

3. My friend turned 30 the other week. I sent her this. Teeheehee.

4. A few months ago I stumbled upon a new blog. Essie Button. Then I discovered her YouTube channel. I spent days watching every video and I am now convinced I need more make up in my life. I recently went to Boots and spent an hour just playing around with their makeup. Can’t. Get. Enough. I have also never been a lipstick girl. Because I never wear it, when I do I feel like I am about to go work on the corner. However, Essie has made me want all the lipsticks. All of them.

5. I few months ago I read Wool by Hugh Howey. Oh man it was so good! And not at all what I would normally read. The third book in the series, Dust, has just came out and my mom tried to send it to be through Kindle. It won’t let me download it for regional reasons which is super annoying. Think I am going to break down and buy it. If you have not read Wool, get on it!

6. Speaking of books, I also just bought Immoral: Tales of a Vampire Hunter. I read it in one day. Awesome read! Can’t wait for the next one already.

7. I always crave sweets on a Monday. Maybe it is my way of coping. Who knows. This german chocolate pecan pie sounds perfect. Oh man.

8. Alex is off work today, but the girls are in school. I think we are going to order some breakfast and enjoy some time together! Happy Monday! 🙂

monday things

1. I have been struggling with a cold for the last week and on Saturday I allowed myself to wallow in my own self pity. Nothing got done.

2. I bought my first cinnamon apple candle of the season! It is one of my favorite scents and makes me look forward to dark cozy nights cuddled on the sofa. Yes, I am one of those fall/winter loving people. I do not like summer, and I am glad to see it’s back side.

3. Yesterday, I made a pork roast with all the trimmings for our Sunday dinner. The roast was cooked low and slow and made my whole house smell like a holiday. I may have gotten all sappy/teary asking the kids what they wanted for Christmas and generally freaking everyone out.

4. I love love love apples with pork. I made some applesauce to go with our dinner yesterday too. I just chopped up some apples, tossed them in a pot with enough water to cover the bottom, sprinkled some mixed spice and cinnamon, then simmered until tender. I like my applesauce to be chunky so I usually mash it with my potato masher, leaving some nice chunks of apple in there. I use the left overs in my morning oatmeal (which I just scoffed). It is great because it helps cool down the oatmeal so the kids don’t have to wait to eat it. And it is super yummy.

5. I had to dig out my winter coat this morning. And wear my knee high wool socks. Brrrr. I love it.

6. I want need this hot fudge pudding cake in my life. Now.

7. TV talk now folks. Dexter. What to say, what to say. I love Dexter. It holds a place in my heart. But, what the what is going on this last season? I really expected more. I am a little disappointed to be honest. Boo.

8. Mad Men. Any fellow watchers? What is the fascination? I mean, we started watching it thinking ‘eh, lets watch an episode or two and see if we like it’. We are now into season 3, and we have no idea how we got here. It is so good! I couldn’t tell you why though. Just trying to explain it to someone makes it sound like the most boring show ever. There is something about it and we are hooked. GAH.

9. I really wanted to get this print from Etsy for the kitchen. She had a print with Julia Child’s quote, ‘people who love to eat are always the best people’. I pray she sells it again. It is on my officially nonofficial wish list. 

10. I bought paint!! Like, a colour! Go ahead, gasp and clap…I’ll wait. I am so excited to finally see walls that are not so clinical and white. We chose a soft grey which will go in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Eeeeek!

11. I am going to go light my apple candle and pretend it is a relaxing fall day while I fold mountains of laundry. Happy Monday all! 😉


funny girls quote drama

I firmly believe that when I was younger I would subconsciously flock to drama like a moth to a flame. Then I would moan and cry about all the drama in my life. Well uh, duh! Now that I have grown up (HA), I hate drama. Hate. It. I don’t want it. I don’t need it. I got enough of my own issues to deal with. I mean, really. This is why I have become somewhat of a hermit. A home body. I like to keep to myself. I am in my fortress. Nothing can get me here! However, sometimes drama just comes knocking on your door. Oh hello…you.

We were so excited on Thursday because Alex had a 4 day weekend and we were planning the perfect mix of staring at walls, and blog worthy house projects. Then drama came a knockin’. We have had some family ‘stuff’ to deal with the last few days. Everything is ok right now, but we are trying to be there for the people involved. It has been hard.

So, I wanted to pop in and say hi, and I am here (kinda). As a result of getting nothing done this weekend I also have nothing to really blab about to you guys either! This week you can look forward to me ummming and ahhhhing my way through the days. 🙂

I will just share with you something I saw on Rants From Mommyland yesterday. Oh my goodness this is me to a T. Every word. This is how I react to most situations, because I just cannot deal with drama like a pro. Made me giggle and nod along in agreement. I am not alone. Hooray! Should be cheering that fact? 🙂

new look

It all started because I wanted a little change. 3 hours later, I have emerged from the vortex that is blog design and uploaded my new header! Same old blog, just a fresh new look. Hope you all like it 🙂

hand painted family sign for under £5

Years ago I was in my favorite bit of Ikea. The ‘as is’ section. They had a bunch of random bits of wood piled up, and in the mess I found a white door that was meant for a kitchen cabinet marked down to £1.50 (Or about that. I know it was under £2). I quickly snapped it up thinking I would make a sign out of it. I had no idea what I wanted it to say yet, but it was a bargain and it had two holes in the back already, made for hinges, that would be perfect for hanging.

I decided I would put our last name on it and make a little ‘family established’ sign! My process for doing this is a little complicated because I didn’t have a printer, so bear with me. I went into Word and found a font that I liked. I did one letter at a time on my computer screen, so I could get the letters the size I wanted. Starting with R, I placed a piece of paper over my screen and lightly copied it with pencil. Once I was done coping all the letters, I drew over them with black marker. This was just to make it see through because then I flipped them over and traced them with pencil again, on the back. Heavily trace the letters with pencil this time. Then I placed the letters on the door, with the newly traced pencil facing down, and using a plastic card, I rubbed. This made the pencil rub onto the door giving me a nice outline.

After I had all my letters traced, I used one of the kids paint brushes and some left over paint in a tester pot to carefully paint in the lines. 

It was not perfect. It had some crazy edges, but I loved it. Represented our family perfectly. 🙂 

When we moved back to the States last year I didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t want to toss it but I also couldn’t bring it with me either. My father-in-law told me he wanted it and don’t I dare throw it away. Ok then! So away it went. It was stored away the entire time we were gone and when we came back, he gave it back to us. I was actually quite surprised he had kept it to be honest. It really meant a lot to have something meaningful from our old life be kept and also to be able to have it in our home again. 

Unfortunatly, after being stored away it was a little banged up and some of the letters were scratched. So I fixed it using the same method as before. Just a kids paint brush and a tester pot of paint in a similar colour.




You can see the scratches above. Fortunatly, the wood itself wasn’t scratched, it was just the paint rubbing away. Taking my time I just painted each letter again. I didn’t redraw them, I just went for it. 




 And there she is all shiney and refreshed. It is still a little wonky in places, and for the life of me I could never get that 6 looking perfect either time. But that is ok. We are a little wonky too, and seriously who cares? It hangs above our front door and not a single person has noticed the little imperfections that I do. It is perfect.



The only thing I was nervous about was it being above the door and possibly falling with the door being shut/slammed over time as the holes for the hinges are quite big. So I used blue tack all around the edge of the sign, hung it on two nails, and then used a rubber mallet to tap it all around so it stuck to the wall. It has not budged.


In. Love. It pleases me so much to have this sign back with us in our new house. Hanging it up was like telling the house ‘you will do just fine’. And there ya have it! A family sign for under £5! The tester pot of paint was from Homebase and was less than £2 too. And it was so thick and close in colour, I only needed to do one coat.

Last but not least, it is not a trip to Ikea without hitting up the ‘as is’ section. Do it. You never know what treasures you will find.