Monday has to be the worst thing ever. Just the worst. And it starts with the Sunday dread, so really it sucks away from your weekend too. I never used to care about Monday’s but now I can’t bear them. Alex obviously starts moaning about going back to work, the kids are excited/don’t want to go to school, so it is a fine line with them, and me? Well, good weekends mean that I don’t do jack diddley all weekend. So my Mondays look like a sea of laundry, cleaning, tidying and it is just down right depressing. It is 9:45am and I am already on my third load of laundry. And of course there are still a few more loads staring me down. I am daydreaming of being in bed with a good book and just letting the house go to pot. But, the girls were on their last school uniform gear today so unless I am cool with sending them to school naked tomorrow, I guess I should keep on trucking.

We don’t do much on the weekends. I wish we were the kind of get up and go go go people, but no. Weekends are for rest, sleep, relaxing, playing games, sitting in pyjamas, cooking, eating, laughing, and catching up with family. Not work. Saturdays we always watch the football scores coming in while I call my mom. We speak every Saturday anywhere from 1-4 hours and I look forward to it every week. I don’t really know how we have so much to talk about every week, but even those hours don’t feel like enough. Sundays we usually try to do some house stuff or a project so we feel a little accomplished. I am talking about maybe doing the dishes, hanging a picture, or maybe some light yard clearing. Nothing real serious people. 

But this Sunday we went to the pet store to see the animals because we needed flea stuff for Lily, Tesco to check out the new American food section because I needed some mac and cheese in my life, McDonalds for lunch (it has been so long since we have been lets just say they redid the entire place and we didn’t even know that they had), and then to Papas for a coffee and chat. It was a nice day. Everyone was in a good mood, the sun was shining, good family time was had by all. But it exhausted us. I was in bed last night before 8pm. I feel like I was ripped off and had a day taken away from me. That may sound wrong, but I really need two days of rest a week. It is my treat for keeping all of these people alive and where they need to be all week. Ideally, I would have two days of rest and one day to go and do…but that ain’t gonna happen. 

So that was our weekend! How was yours? Are you a busy bee always on the go? Or are you like me and just want to be a hermit until you have to be a member of society again? 


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