funny girls quote drama

I firmly believe that when I was younger I would subconsciously flock to drama like a moth to a flame. Then I would moan and cry about all the drama in my life. Well uh, duh! Now that I have grown up (HA), I hate drama. Hate. It. I don’t want it. I don’t need it. I got enough of my own issues to deal with. I mean, really. This is why I have become somewhat of a hermit. A home body. I like to keep to myself. I am in my fortress. Nothing can get me here! However, sometimes drama just comes knocking on your door. Oh hello…you.

We were so excited on Thursday because Alex had a 4 day weekend and we were planning the perfect mix of staring at walls, and blog worthy house projects. Then drama came a knockin’. We have had some family ‘stuff’ to deal with the last few days. Everything is ok right now, but we are trying to be there for the people involved. It has been hard.

So, I wanted to pop in and say hi, and I am here (kinda). As a result of getting nothing done this weekend I also have nothing to really blab about to you guys either! This week you can look forward to me ummming and ahhhhing my way through the days. 🙂

I will just share with you something I saw on Rants From Mommyland yesterday. Oh my goodness this is me to a T. Every word. This is how I react to most situations, because I just cannot deal with drama like a pro. Made me giggle and nod along in agreement. I am not alone. Hooray! Should be cheering that fact? 🙂


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