if i wanted a piano, now would be the time to have one delivered

Because I have an 8ft by 12ft hole in the wall of my bedroom right now! And winter decided to grace us with it’s presence too, so it is freeezing in here!

I should clarify that we are getting our new windows put in! Hooray! But booooo for the mess and upheaval it is causing. I spent a considerable amount of time cleaning yesterday after they left because I have an issue with dust, although they are back today creating more.

We are super excited though to have windows that *gasp* work, and *gasp* are sealed correctly. When the wind blows, our curtains billow out into the room scaring the pee out of me. The other night we were watching TV and we started to smell a burning electrical like smell. After running around the house freaking out, I finally had the savvy to pop my head outside and of course, someone was burning their coal fire for the first time this year and it was not our house catching on fire. We should not have been able to smell that in our house. Our windows suck.

I was also under the impression that our windows would be done in 2 days. Hahahaha oh Eileen. Yeah, no. Try 4-5 days. They are replacing all of the trim and window sills as well which apparently takes a heck of a lot of time. Who knew? 🙂

So, at the moment I am huddled under a duvet with my appendages tucked in as tight as possible. But now I cannot feel my finger tips so I shall go make a cup of tea. 🙂


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