monday things



1. Our windows are all done! Hooray! Having workers in your house for a week straight is tough. Especially ones that create mess and chaos. I did not want to hang up our new curtain rod in the living room until the new frame was painted, so Friday night we took the classy route and nailed up a black sheet. Oh yes. We did. 

2. Someone in the States told me they were running a marathon (like everyone else around me it seems). But then they went on to explain that it is a zombie marathon. Say what now? Umm yeah. Apparently it is the thing. That is one sure fire way to make me run anyway. And have a full blown panic attack, followed by a life threatening heart attack. See I have a huge fear of being chased…or hunted. I cannot play hide and seek with my own children. Alex teases me sometimes by running up to me from behind and gets his giggles from seeing me jump around screaming like I have fire ants in my pants. After a little research into this zombie thing I discovered that they have similar things here in the UK. The most popular is the 2.8 Hours Later event where you get chased by zombies, at NIGHT, while trying to find the asylum: aka safe zone. This takes place in a city such as London or Edinburgh. I can’t think of a single thing more terrifying than this. The awesome thing is you can volunteer to be a zombie and go to their zombie school. Now that I could do! 

3. My friend turned 30 the other week. I sent her this. Teeheehee.

4. A few months ago I stumbled upon a new blog. Essie Button. Then I discovered her YouTube channel. I spent days watching every video and I am now convinced I need more make up in my life. I recently went to Boots and spent an hour just playing around with their makeup. Can’t. Get. Enough. I have also never been a lipstick girl. Because I never wear it, when I do I feel like I am about to go work on the corner. However, Essie has made me want all the lipsticks. All of them.

5. I few months ago I read Wool by Hugh Howey. Oh man it was so good! And not at all what I would normally read. The third book in the series, Dust, has just came out and my mom tried to send it to be through Kindle. It won’t let me download it for regional reasons which is super annoying. Think I am going to break down and buy it. If you have not read Wool, get on it!

6. Speaking of books, I also just bought Immoral: Tales of a Vampire Hunter. I read it in one day. Awesome read! Can’t wait for the next one already.

7. I always crave sweets on a Monday. Maybe it is my way of coping. Who knows. This german chocolate pecan pie sounds perfect. Oh man.

8. Alex is off work today, but the girls are in school. I think we are going to order some breakfast and enjoy some time together! Happy Monday! 🙂


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