mirror mirror on the wall: the toothpaste method

I believe I described how bad our bathroom and kitchen walls were to you guys before. Picture Freddy Kruger and his family taking up residence here for a bit. Now imagine all of the scrapes and dings that would be left behind. Now times that by 100. They were bad. Which is why we had both rooms plastered to make new smooth beautiful walls! We will use this kitchen photo as reference because it was the only one I took. Cause I am a doofus.


See the brown plaster above the fridge? (Hi Cat!) That is what both rooms looked like after they were plastered, top to bottom. The orange plasterboard is covering pipes that run from our radiator on the far left to our boiler on the far right. We were told to paint a few white coats before we painted with colour because the plaster would soak up a lot of paint. Better to use cheap white paint than your expensive colour at this point. Surprisingly we only needed one coat. I used Dulux pure white in matt and I slathered it on. There were a few areas that were more faded than others, but for a base coat it is perfect as you can see in the bathroom picture below.

Now, I showed you that so that we could talk about the bathroom, although I will do a kitchen update soon.

I finally found the perfect mirror for the bathroom. Months I have searched. We need to take a moment of silence to appreciate this momentous occasion.

I am not being at all dramatic. Nope.

The sink is not centered between the tub and the wall on the left. This means, that although I would have liked a round mirror, it would have driven me insane because I wouldn’t have been able to center it above the sink. I didn’t want a plain rectangle one either, and all other fun shapes were either to expensive, the wrong finish, or non-existent. I went to the Holy Land of Home Goods (aka: TK Maxx or TJ Maxx in the States) and that is where our eyes met. He was marked down to £19.99 and he was giving me the bring me home eyes. I couldn’t resist. This mirror was the perfect size and finish. Perfection. Patience is key when you are trying to find the perfect item for your home. And you better snatch it up when you find it.

I used the toothpaste method for hanging it up. This is the way I hang up most things, like my family sign, because most tools hate me. Measuring tape and levels are the biggest haters.

On the back of my mirror I had two hooks ready for hanging. I put a dollop of toothpaste on each hook, exactly where I would need my nails to sit.


Then I held the mirror up and eyeballed where I wanted it to hang. Once I was happy with my placement, I pressed the mirror against the wall. I was left with two little toothpaste dots and this is where I hammered  in my nails.


Voila the perfect mirror hung just so.


The bathroom was looking a lot better than this. I had Oscar the Orchid living on the window sill, (yes, I name my plants. Sadly Fred and Dorothy just died. They lived outside our front door. Get it. Fred and Dorothy. Front Door. HA!) along with some candles and that gorgeous mosaic container from Wilkinsons. But as you can see we have a new window, and frame, and the windowsill in now to narrow to house my trinkets. So everything had been thrown back in for now.

I am still on the hunt for 3 small wooden crates or sturdy baskets to hang above the toilet, as well as something functional/wow for under the sink. Still to do in here is paint, tile, install a shower, make a cute roman blind, and replace the light. Whew. I am just happy the walls are smooth, white, and the pipes are built in. This stuff takes time 🙂


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