monday things

1. Obviously Scotland does not celebrate Thanksgiving, so I usually make our meal on the Saturday after. We gorged ourselves on food and I made way to much, as usual. Things not pictured: turkey, cranberry, mashed potatoes, gravy, and of course the marshmallows on those sweet potatoes!

photo 2

I always make a pecan pie, but I add chocolate and coconut to ours. Oh so good! Alex said I need to make a pie every weekend now. The one I made last Saturday didn’t even last until Monday! So, I made another pecan pie on Friday. It is now Sunday and there are only two pieces left. Maybe we need to back away from the pie train.

2. I am nearly done with our Christmas shopping! Ahhhh! I wanted to get Sara Bear a pram for the doll she is getting and decided I didn’t want to get a cheap fold up one, as was my plan, because I am not sure she will use it to often. However, she has been going on and on about wanting a pram so fine. Umm, how come I never knew that decent doll prams required you to sell a child in order to afford one? Oh my word. It is for a doll yes? Not a human? After a solid 7 hours of searching I finally settled on one from Tesco Direct that was on sale from Ā£50 down to Ā£20. I would have bought her a nicer one but I wanted to get her a changing bag, clothes, and a bed for her doll too. We shall see how long this pram fascination lasts before I drop over Ā£70 for one, lets just say that.

3. TV talk: The only thing I can really think about now is Walking Dead. Oh man oh man. Whyyyyyyy? I spoke to my mom last week (she is an episode ahead of us being in the US of A) and I was explaining how anxious I get watching it every week. It is like I am on the verge on a panic attack every time. I almost don’t want to watch it because then I can pretend everyone is still alive and well. All she said was, ‘well, if that is how you feel then you definitely won’t like what’s coming.’ Oh how right you were mom. Oh how right.

photo 1

A lot of shows stop for Christmas although I am not sure why that in tales a two month break, but whatevs. So, we have stock piled a few things like Blue Bloods which started a few weeks ago here. Also, we are going to finally start watching Breaking Bad. Very exciting times here šŸ™‚

Oh and also, anyone watch Masterchef Australia? Anyone? OMG if you don’t, you need to get on that! Our favorite cooking show by far! It goes on for months so we like, know these people right? I started crying a few weeks ago when people were sent home because my word they are like my friends at this point so every week now is tear fest. We were watching the finale last night and Alex said all serious and slightly concerned, ‘it sound’s like Lyndon has a cold…is he alright?’ Oh this just shows how well we know these people! Anyway if you do watch it were you disappointed with the winner? We were. Very. Ugh.

4. A little sneak peak at the colour and painting progress downstairs:

photo 3

Love the colour!

5. I was meant to go to Edinburgh with a friend on Saturday to visit the German market and well, get a little crazy. But I started not feeling to great on Friday. By Saturday it wasn’t any better so we didn’t go. I was quite bummed šŸ˜¦ I took a nap yesterday, went to bed and slept a full 13 hours last night, and I am already feeling tired again. Good grief I can sleep! We are really hoping to make it this Saturday instead!

6. I have mentioned my love for Essie Button before, but can I just say how happy I am that she is doing Vlogmas? Loving every video! It is making me want to do a vlog. Maybe. One day šŸ™‚ I do still want to do a house tour…so maybe I will get on that.

Hope you all had a great weekend! šŸ™‚ Check back in on Wednesday for a house update post!


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