a dash of colour

As I mentioned Monday, I planted some flowers! Because we are wanting to turf the rest of our garden we knew we had to do some prep work first. I wanted a nice flower bed on the right of the garden and we also want a fire pit that we will be making ourselves in the middle. No point in turfing the whole space and then having to dig it up, so we are making those areas first.

Now I am not going to tell you how to plant flowers. I assume we all know how to dig and shove a plant in the ground, but I thought I would just share what I did as I am so very proud to have flowers of my very own for the first time in my 29 years. Wait, 28. How old am I? I always forget.

I just used a digging spade and started making my edges. I wanted it to be curvy for a nice contrast to the square grid vegetable patch. I just eyeballed it and started going to town.

Please ignore my poncho. Well, it isn’t really a poncho as it is open in the front and I had to tie it together to keep it out of the way, but still. Ignore it. I was cold. It does look nice when worn correctly. As in, not when you are elbow deep in dirt. Ahem.

So I dug.

You can get a real idea of how long our garden is now that I am in there for reference. We are planning on putting the fire pit right behind where I am with benches on the other side. Cannot wait.

There she is all dug up. Once the turf is in there will be a nice clean edge but I still fixed that wonky edge and then started putting my flowers in. I used ranunculus (my new favourite flower), daisies,  sweet allison, a miscellaneous orange plant, and some other one I have no idea what it is yet 🙂 Maybe foxglove? Time will tell. OH! I also popped in some gladiola bulbs along the fence in the back as well. They will hopefully add some nice height to the space. Whoop!

Just a little colour to brighten my day.


grow grow grow

We have been a diggin and a plantin! A few weeks ago I asked Alex to build me a raised bed in our back yard for veggies and whatnot. Within minutes he shared his plans that included 6 beds, a wooden walkway, lights, and benches. I would not have been surprised if he also included something motorised, but I am glad he didn’t. 



As you can see our yard is long and narrow. It also sports a lovely speed bump right smack in the middle. We decided to build or beds right after the bump with the intention of building the walkway into the bump for a smooth transition which will be safe for the kiddies. Who am I kidding? Safer for me too. 


We started by edging the entire thing with wood that is 3.6 meters long. There are also 5 of the same under the walkway for support. We used slats that are 90cm long and 10cm wide for the walkway. We just cut down the longer pieces to fit in and divide up the bed into three sections. It worked out that the two outside beds measured in at 90cm and the middle bed is 2.1 meters.  Alex did all of this the old fashioned way as well with just a tape measure, hand saw, and hammer. 


We dug out the left side before dividing it and then realised this made big gaps under the wood. I just grabbed a bunch of dirt and smooched it together to fill in the gaps. So, we decided to separate the right side first this time and then dig. We also popped in some solar lights. I got these at Wilkinsons for £1 each. I didn’t want anything to fancy until we know it doesn’t look like a run way all lit up 🙂 


Then I started planting! Here I did spinach and broccoli. I have a few things that need to be started indoors and we are still waiting on them sprouting. We still need to dig up the right side and then plant everything else. Also we will be building the walkway out into the ground and creating some benches on either side with hinged tops to store our garden tools and provide extra seating.

Big plans ahead for the garden! We are hoping to have a seating/dining area with a grill by the back door, then a fire pit and seating area before the garden, kids area after the garden, and we need a shed too. Hopefully more pictures of the finished garden will be up soon!

Are you guys planting anything this year? Would you like more technical details about how we built our garden? It is not even summer yet and already I am dreaming of potato leek soup from ours mmmmm!